12 Steps to planning a big trip

I am currently preparing for my big trip in November. I fly straight to Thailand to travel South East Asia followed by a year in Australia.

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Are you planning on going somewhere for a long period time? Want to travel to another continent or just want to know what the steps to take to plan one?

This is the order I am currently sorting my long-term exciting trip, maybe you should try this too!

1. Research

Where is it you really want to go? What is it you want to do there?

Really research where you want to go. Not just where you fancy or somewhere everyone goes. Maybe try somewhere new, do you want to work over there? Find out how easy it is to work and what visas you would need. How expensive is the country/countries to live in and travel? Remember, there are 196 countries. You have choice.

2. Where

Decide on your destination. After your research, simply decide on where you want to go and stick with it. 

3. Budget

Realisticly work out how much you’re going to need. This will also have been done a little in your research but work out how much your travelling will amount too. Living costs, accomadation, travel exspenses,visas and transport food etc. How much could you be earning if end up working and if you didn’t work. How much could you live off, for how long. Including emergency money.

4. Flight

Book it. Compare the best prices and look into what airline is most suitable for you. I find that Sky Scanner is the best for flights however I booked my trip to Asia with STA as they have great deal with  Emirates for under 25s. They also have a great desposit scheme so you can pay in blocks. You can’t get anywhere without your flight first so  I suggest prioritisitng this.

5. Money

What money are you going to need. Travel, accomadation, insurance, food, water, living costs, essentials etc. If you are going somewhere to work then how quickly are you going to be working, will you be taxed or cash in hand. Will you need to set up a bank account or travel card.

How are you handling your money? Make sure you get the right type of cash cards or bank accounts. I would not reccomend carrying too much cash on you but if you do, just keep it close. Luckily, I have always managed to keep my money safe and when saving euros in Greece. Every 250 euros, my friend would take it off me and send me the money in my bank online.

6. Insurance

This is very important, where ever you are going, especially on a big trip. A lot of people dont get insurance to save money but for the sake of £50 you might as well have a back up incase of a bad sitation or emergency. This is so important for me but also my friends and family know I have a safety net! There are so many types of insurance, it depends on excess amounts and what it covers and how you claim. Make sure you really look about and compare. Click here to get straight to my top travel insurance site.

7. Packing

Is this a backpack, suitcase or neither type of thing for your trip. Be realistic. They always say, take half of what you think. Depending on the lenght of your trip will make a difference and also the tempreture and humidty of your destination. Buy light, compact clothes, not too many heavy products.  Most things you need you can buy all over the world. Lets be serious here, your going travelling, not moving your entire life! Let certain things go, youll regret taking so much. When I go to Asia and Australia im only talking one backpack. This will be so difficult but you really dont need much. Make sure to check your weight allowance on any flights you have or where you can store your case or bag on trains, bus. Also how you’re going to carry it around. Being 5’1, I have no choice 🙁

8. Vacinations

This is important when heading over to places such as Asia, Africa and other third world countries. Depending on what country/countries you are visiting make sure to get the correct vacines. Go to your doctor to talk about any injections you may need or what you have already had. Also anything you might need over there. Even just paracetomal, bug spray, suncream, bite cream etc!!

9. Documentations

Passport! Make sure you check your expirary date eas you are not going anywhere out the country without this little book. Make sure it is valid for the duration of your trip! Any insurance documents, preferably keep a copy at home with family or friends. I tend to note down all important information to keep back at home for my family incase of an emergency.I normally write down all my important information to leave with my family incase of emergency.

10. Get packing

Try not to leave this till last minute. Rushing around before a big trip may lead to missing out little things. Like mentioned earlier, normally pack less then what you think you’ll need.

11. Check everything.

You have all the right documents printed, your passport is in date. Your currency has all been changed, you’re mentally prepared to leave home, you have had all the right jabs, you’ve got somewhere to stay once you arrive at your first destination and feel good. If so, I think you’re ready!



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