13 things a season worker will understand

1. Condoms. Wear them and your shit. Don’t wear them, you will have herpes. Either way, you will be judged.

2. The hardest decision of the day is whether to eat out or have another date with a pot noodle. 

3. You have already spent half your wage before getting to bed that night.

4. Having as many rubber bands in relation to the bars and clubs defines how cool you are. 

5. Loosing at RPS and knowing your dignity will be also be lost.

6. When going home alone. A pizza, a gyros, chips or chindian and any other fast food end up become your spooning partner.

7. Hangovers become daily.

8. Forgetting to get toilet roll every time.

9. Being up before 11am only means one thing…

10. Tanning oil is your god.

11. Sorry mum, I can’t skype. I have to nap.

11. Knowing you drive like a maniac praying you make it back to England alive.

12. You cant sleep, unless your fully naked.

13. 6am is your regular bedtime.

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