The East Coast of Australia.

 Nonstop drive: 1,766 miles or 2842 km. Venturing through Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

It’s a trip you need to do.

A relatively easy route filled with countless stimulating, fun, interesting, impressive things to do, entitling you to the ultimate Aussie experiences.

From camping in the outback, the best places in the world to skydive, sailing the famous and picturesque Whitsundays, discovering world heritages and sights of utter beauty, the East Coast of Australia is truly incredible.

Magnetic Island 

Falling in love with Australia in 2016 living in Melbourne and Tropical Queensland, traveling from Melbourne – Port Douglass and spending a year checking out the country, I am way too excited to use my second-year visa and could see myself trying to settle in Australia one day.

Whether you travel North-South or Visa Versa, you can easily go with the flow and book very little, just prepare for an adventure either way.

In no particular order, here are my top 15 things you must do!

Noosa National Park – Noosa

Noosa national park is a spectacular 4,000 acres of exquisite nature. Along the coastal dry jungle-like national park, the land has four parts, Headland Section, Peregian Section, Emu Mountain Section and the East Weyba Section.

With unbelievable coastal views to feeling in the middle of nowhere wondering the dry green mountains, it’s pretty remote but a pleasing adventure.

The park is home to countless wildlife animals including a population of Koalas so make sure to keep an eye out.

Bondi – Coogee beach walk – Sydney

Many backpackers will venture into Sydney at some point of their time in Australia. Many people start the East Coast in Sydney, even though Melbourne can’t be missed! The 6km Bondi – Coogee beach walk is another beautiful coastal walk but this time, you’re in the middle of fascinating modern Australian eastern suburbs.

The walk normally takes 2-3 hours but there a plenty of beaches, viewpoints, rest points, coffee stops, bbq areas and other favourable stops.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera house is one of the most iconic Australian venues and one of the most famous and distinctive 20th-century building. This is somewhere you have to check out, even just as a reality check that you made it to Australia. I’ve wondered this beautiful venue a few times and been surprised at how quiet it can be. You almost can have the place to yourself.

Sydney opera house is actually a world heritage site and offers plenty of things to do and see there including over 40 shows a week.

Fun fact-  Construction was expected to take four years. It took 14 years. Work commenced in 1959 and involved 10,000 construction workers.

Camp between Melbourne – Sydney

Camping is one of the best things to do in Australia. My friend who lives in Sydney insisted we went camping close to Currarong, however, there are countless places in between Melbourne and Sydney to stop. Some of the best beaches and views that are a lot more private are found along this part of the East Coast.

Byron Bay vibes

Byron Bay is probably one of the best places I have ever been. The vibes, the atmosphere, the people, the views, the area, it all just ticks boxes for me. A very hippy, relaxed, surfer beach town, I could fly back there tomorrow! Byron Bay may not be a place for everyone but this 100% somewhere I would highly recommend visiting. Head out with Mojo surf school to learn to surf and make sure to head out to one of their cute little cafe’s for a Chai Latte and an acai bowl.

Byron Bay is located on the most Eastern point of Australia offering some of the most stunning views for sunrise ever. Make sure to head up to the lighthouse to watch the sun come up, you may even catch a glimse of Whales and Dolphins if  youre there between..

Kangaroo Sanctuary Brisbane

Lone Pine sanctuary is a super fun but an interesting and compelling experience you won’t find anywhere else. Worlds first and largest Koala sanctuary home to over 130 Koalas, here is your chance to see them up close after being rescued coming close to being endangered. You even get a chance to give one a cuddle.

You get to hand feed Kangaroos in a beautiful open sanctuary getting seriously up close. There is a chance to encounter some cool wildlife animals.

 Hire a car in Magnetic Island

Visit Whitsundays

Drive around on Fraser Island

Camp in the outback

Horseride through Magnetic Island

Surf – Mojo

  1. Skydive – Mission beach

  2. Explore tropical queensland

    . Daintree