Who doesn’t want to remember their travels?

Keeping track of your travels is a big thing for me.

I decided to share my favourite ways of documenting your travels!

Journal / Diary


This is one of the most used ways of keeping track of your traveling. Keeping a diary is a great way to remember details and experiences. It can be as personal, or secret as you want. It’s an easy way to back up details and certain memories. I make bullet points sometimes of just words and places I want to remember.

Instagram blog

I know a few people who have a daily blog. Day 1-day …365

Posting one image from that day and a short summery is a great way to share and keep hold of each day of your travels!

Other people can easily view and theres no harm in a few #hashtags. It’s convenient, pretty easy and a good way to share your journey without overloading social media. There are tons of other travellers out there looking for some inspiration or just how other people travel.

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Message Notebook

I’ve met backpackers who keep notebooks so everyone they meet, leaves notes. I thought this was an awesome idea and a great way to remember everyone you met with a real personal touch!


It's my last day before home and I saved it for Bangkok. A drawing I did on the farm, taken to my favourite street artist in Pai to design and BKK to tattoo. Beyond pleased with the results. Sorry Mum

Sorry mum. Probably one your parents won’t like but something so many people seem to be doing. I’m not saying get hundreds of tattoos of every little thing you do, but this day and age, they’re getting a lot more popular. I’ve seen some beautiful travel tats.

Email updates

So my parents actually did this when they took my sister and I backpacking when I was younger. It’s also great if you have limited access to constant internet.

You simply email yourself or a close group of friends and family an update of what you’ve been doing with any photos you’ve managed to take. It’s easy and there always going to be a copy. It get’s sent immediately and something to look back on.



Video is one of the best ways to really remember moments. You have to be able to enjoy the moment right there and then but I’ve seen epic videos put together by other backpackers. Create a short video of moments you have recorded.

Insta pix camera

A bit expensive however a real funky way to capture moments. Instant photos with a great little camera! I’ve tried it and love all the images, you can use it as often or little as you like for all sorts of moments and experiences. It’s not as convenient for certain trips but who doesn’t love a cheeky selfie?


This could be a fun way to keep little souvenirs of where you’ve been. All around Europe I collected postcards and keyrings for my travel board when I got home. They also made great little gifts.


A scrap book is an easy and relaxed yet fun and diverse way to remember little bits. I really wish I had done one. You can add assorts like tickets, leaflets, maps, receipts, notes, images and business cards as well as additional notes and comments.


I love finding that one song. Listening to something that takes me back to an exact time or period of my life. The feeling when I listen that music and how it makes me feel.

Finding that one song that really reminds you of an exact time or feeling is gold dust. Despite being one to listen to songs over and over again, when you find something you love listening too, it’s great to have certain tunes relating to certain times. Maybe keep a playlist of all the major songs you listen too and find out during your trip.


A blog is just online via video. Most vloggers use youtube to publish and promote there videos. They are similar to the types of things blogger write, but make it a cool way to view travels and put together trips.


This could be a collection of almost anything. From Keychains to postcards, to cigars and hats. A have  a collection of badges I use on my rucksack and when I was traveling Europe, I collected postcards and random business’ cards to put together on a giant canvas along with photos at homes.

Even braclets or jewellery, stones or rings. Whatever is it that has sentimental value or something fun.

A website