For those who don’t know me, I was born in London. Raised in Islington, North London, that’s where life began I guess.

London is one of the worlds most visited cities with a constant buzz of diversity, impressive history and a world known capital. London is awesome.

Moving at an early stage to good old Yorkshire to the major city of Leeds, that became home but each time I visit London, I fall in love with it all over again.

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London is busy, rushed, expensive, touristy, loud, a little hectic and sometimes very confusing. It’s not for everyone, however London is an exceptional, and large city that connects the entire planet and a powerful destination everyone should visit.

To call England home is an honour and I honestly feel lucky to be British.

Here are 21 reasons why London is totally awesome!

  1. Its active

  2. Its cultured

  3. its efficient

  4. its accessible

  5. its up to date

  6. there are so many things to do

  7. it has opportunities

  8. it accepts

  9. there is always something going on

  10. It can take you out your comfort zone

  11. Great transport

  12. Some of the best food and drink in the world

  13. Its pretty much a movie set

  14. Historic

  15. Loads of things for free

  16. Not too far from the country side or the beach

  17. Central London stays open till late…

  18. Best Entertainment  

  19. Best Hospitals in the world

  20. Shopping

  21. Weather is always nicer down south then North England.