My name is Leah. I’m a 22 year old from a large city in the north of England, suffering with one serious case of the travel bug.
I left school at 16 years old to train as a performing arts student. I started an intense, disciplined, professional full time course in the hope of pursing dance as a career.
I come from a standard, functional family, being a rebellious teenager and a challenging daughter, I have always done my own thing regardless of what society classes’ as acceptable.
After three seasons abroad, a trip inter railing around Europe and 6 months traveling solo through South East Asia, I am now currently living in Australia on a years holiday visa. IMG_0575
I have completed my second year visa work to gain another year in Australia which I will be using in a few years.

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I was 18 when a friend mentioned working a season abroad, feeling pretty reluctant, I went. I had the best three summers getting to work on the fabulous island of Crete meeting some amazing people creating unforgettable memories.
 A one way flight ticket, a months accommodation booked and 250 euros in my purse and very little knowledge of working abroad was all I had, the rest, well I can only describe as one of the most epic, hilarious, challenging, mental, hardcore and life changing experiences.
 In 2014 I traveled across Europe alone doing 14 cities and 9 countries in 5 weeks.983784_10152235367972751_4997880544796872101_n
A one way ticket, a map of Europe, and a very large rucksack and I was off again! My budget was the money I had managed to save from my most recent Malia season. I encountered some friendly and fascinating people from all over the world and see how this exquisite world operates, not forgetting seeing Beyonce live on her final night of her tour at Stade De France.
I was going from indulging in pizza and wine in Italy one day, partying in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest the next, dressing up in tradition German clothing, drinking beer in the hot sun of Munich- I had such rich experiences. In Paris I climbed the Eiffel tower, devoured yummy french pastries and visited to Moulin Rouge all in one day. Finding myself cycling around Amsterdam and spending hours in coffee shops to visiting sex museums and experiencing the famous red light district the very next day. Walking the river thames in London, dancing at Pineapple studios and shopping in Camden Market were just some of things I did in my final days. It was a very colourful trip being solo which was not my original plan bringing many new emotions. I depended fully on my own company, trusting my ideas and thoughts and going with what I thought was best. Fortunately, I had the most fast paced, diverse and astonishing month of my life.10622853_10152254528047751_9176759893672786800_n
At the end of 2015 I grabbed my rucksack once more and left on the trip of a lifetime. 6 months solo around South East Asia. I could not have asked for a more exciting, memorable, magical and beautiful journey. I traveled across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Bali, Singapore and Malaysia. I left my soul in Asia and I will definatley be back!IMG_1965
I am now living in Australia and a year’s working holiday visa!

9km walk along the beach today, despite the cold weather I can't get away from the beach. Thanks to John who was adamant walking the entire way to Brighton beach despite a little whining!

After receiving a volume of questions in regards to my travelling, work abroad and developing a new passion of writing about my adventures I decided to start this blog earlier this year.