A genuine, passionate, open minded and courageous backpacker with a serious desire to travel the world.

Traveling over three continents solo and reaching 34 countries by 23, I have a determination to explore. I want to do things properly. Discovering for myself.

Craving to see the unfiltered version of planet earth, to immurse myself in to culture, foreign lifestyles, unique experiences and a different way of living across each country.

I want to show you it’s possible to travel.

If you have the right mindset, a good attitude and a positive focus, you also, can travel. It’s not all about money or belongings. It’s risks and lessons. Getting out of your comfort zone and learning about not only the rest of the world, but yourself.

I want to help you gain independancy, open your mind and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

To learn about yourself in the process of it all.

Who am I?

Im Leah. A 23 year old from Leeds, England.

Since I was young, I never quite fitted in with what everyone else was doing. I seemed to have this desire to explore into the things I was interested in, not what other people told me I should be.

I stuck to my desires and dreams despite what everyone else thought. Leaving school at 16 and not choosing universtiy, I almost came across as the rebellion. Maybe slight ignorance, a stubborn and strong willed individual. I always knew I didn’t need to be told what my future should be like.

A relatively difficult child with a slight attitiude and craving independancy and freedom from a young age, I was never stereotyped into just one box.

I thank my parents for the travel bug. Being phenomanially lucky to backpack Thailand, Canada and India at young ages with my sister and parents, I was able to catch a glimse of foreign countries.

My parents are open minded, arty, generous and hard working people who showed me I had to go and get something if I wanted it.

After two years of diciplined and intense training at a perfomning arts school, I was preparing to become a professional dancer and perfomer, I got diognosed with scoliosis, my dad had become exstremly unwell and the pressure, stress and financial difficulty became too much.

I knew I had to see more away from England. At 18 years old I brought a one way ticket to Greece where a friend had reccomedended we try and work.

Heading back for my second season in 2014, I decided I seriously needed to save and planned a trip inter railing around Europe with the money I could save.

It was that trip I was left by a friend in the middle of Hungary. I wasn’t going home too. I wasn’t giving up just because my friend did. I was scared, nervous however eager and motiviated to carry on with my trip.

2015 I headed back to Greece for my third and final season on the sensational greek island of Crete.

I was having fun but knew it was no longer for me. Never been a big drinker and someone who needed to constantly discover new places, I had the will to see bigger parts of the world.

I flew to South East Asia in 2015 alone to embark on a long term trip of the unknown.

I had nothing planned, 15kg of luggage with me, a camera, a passport ready to be filled. A pretty small amount of money saved in the bank but a heart full of wanderlust and determination.

I spent 6 months backpacking my way around the continent before a one way flight into Melbourne, Australia.

I landed in Australia with less then $200 aussie dollars and managed an exciting, fulfiling, sensational and adventrous year on a working holiday visa in Australia which included completing my farm work for a second year visa I will use in the future.

Here I managed to live in Melbourne, working on a banana farm in North Queensand and backpacking the East Coast on my own.

After some more time in Asia living in Indonesia and a crazy trip to Japan, I needed a rest.

I have just been spending the last 8 months at home spending time with friends and family. Working out my own life and saving money for my next trip.

I am now ready to embark on a long term trip to South America. An adventure I am heading out on my own, again, to explore another continent.

Why I started to blog?