Who is Little travel bird?

My names Leah. A 23 year old from Leeds, England.

Starting life in London and moving to Leeds when I was younger, growing up with parents taking me to India, Thailand, Canada, France and more, I was able to get a glimse of the rest of the world. Despite being a kid, I knew there were different places I had to see.

Leaving dance school after a few years of some intense full time dance training, my friend asked me to join her on a season abroad. After the craziest, funnest, drunkest and exciting time working out in Greece, I had to see more.

A year later after returning to Greece for another summer working in the beautiful destination of Crete, Greece, I grabbed my rucksack properly for the first time and headed solo to Europe

A trip that was planned with a friend, I was let down, which turned out to be a blessing.

I managed to explore Italy, Hungary, Germany, Checz Republic, France and Netherlands  in 5 weeks with less then £1,000.

Coming straight back to the UK aged 20, I made the decision, Asia was a must.

Realising I needed to start adapting my life in able to travel, I decided to focus so much I created serious determination of getting to Asia and seeing it as much as I could. I wanted to travel as genuimnly, fun, interesting, challenging and eye opening as I could.

Leaving at 21 in November 2015, I flew out solo with a one way flight to Bangkok and a flight within the year from Singapore to Melbourne, where I would get a years holiday visa.

I managed the most phenomanal, eye opening, unbelievable, beautiful and adventours time traveling Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam for 6 months.

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