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14 things you should know before traveling Japan

Japan is unique. Consisting of about 6,852 islands, a lifestyle, culture and vibe that is ultimately, pretty strange coming from any western country, it’s a place everyone should visit. With heaps of history, fascinating culture and filled with respectful locals, Japan has a diverse variety of things to do. I had no idea what to expect heading […]

21 genuine reasons why London is awesome

For those who don’t know me, I was born in London. Raised in Islington, North London, that’s where life began I guess. London is one of the worlds most visited cities with a constant buzz of diversity, impressive history and a world known capital. London is awesome. Moving at an early stage to good old […]


Powerplay – Whitsundays

Whitsundays The 74 Whitsunday Islands lie between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef, a massive stretch of coral teeming with marine life. Most of the islands are uninhabited. They’re characterized by dense rainforest, hiking trails and white sand beaches. Located just off Airlie Beach in North Queensland, a palm tree […]


My ultimate to do list – Melbourne

Melbourne The worlds most liveable city. Located in Victoria, second most popular city in Australia with a busy CBD, quirky yet stylish suburbs and of course, located on the coast. Melbourne became home for a large part of my time in Australia. Oozing character, filled with personality and something always going on, it’s more then […]

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18 helpful tips to traveling alone

Traveling alone is my favourite way to travel. It’s freedom, independancy and courage. It isn’t for everyone but it’s sure one heck of an experience. Exploring the Tomb Raider Jungle Temple at Ankor Wat 1.Stay in big mixed dorms First thing first, they’re always cheaper. Large mixed dorm’s are normally filled with a diverse load […]