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9 things you should take interrailing.

We all have those personal belongings we like to take travelling with us.

Ideally, we want to take everything however we know this isn’t possible.

Picking the right things can be difficult but here is my list of things I feel you 100% should take when backpacking Europe.

The Railway

Ipod/Music device

This is so important to me. Music can take you on a whole different level. It can show you distinct emotions, comfort you and let your mind run free.

611rsfQE5HL._SL1024_There will be times when you have hours and hours sat on trains or coaches, when babies are crying on planes and all you want to do is switch off and enter your own little bubble.

When I was inter railing I didn’t have a phone. I did have an iPad mini with soundcloud however the only problem was that I couldn’t listen to anything without wifi. The only music I had was BLINK 182 which luckily I love! Make sure you have some of your favourite songs already downloaded onto your music device. I had one song that when I listen to reminds me of my entire trip which I managed to play despite having no internet! Everytime I listen to the song it takes me back this amazing trip!

A good camera 

I cannot express enough how much every backpacker needs one of these. Please don’t spend your entire trip taking photos which is easily done, especially in places like Venice, Italy. As much as iPhones can take awesome photos i’m talking a step up from that. Maybe a GoPro or a Canon with a basic lense to capture your trip. I now have myself a GoPro Hero 3+ and I love it! Shame I got it after my Europe trip!

Click here to check out my GoPro review!

A bucket list

This trip is for you to experience once in a lifetime opportunities. Write down a bucket list and get it done.

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go. Don’t wait about. Go get it done and have fun.

Click here to see mine!your-bucket-list


Something cosy

Whatever the weather we all need something cosy. Weather you’re on a long train journey, got a few hours to wait for transport, not in the comfiest hostel bed or simply want to feel a bit more warm and cosy. You can interrail at any time of the year, most of us during summer time but we need to prepared. Sometimes you don’t know where you’ll be sleeping or what you may need it for but I seriously recommend a cosy hoodie. I like taking my little soft grey hat to feel a little more snug. If its a pair of cotton light trackies or a warm oversized jacket to wrap up in.


Most hostels have safes. Some open by keypads of card keys but a lot of them you’ll need a lock. A lot of bunkbeds in hostels have a drawer under the beds to put your luggage in, again, to lock away. I recommend taking a reasonable sized lock with a pin number type lock. These will come in handy! Make sure it’s big enough as my lock was too small for some of the luggage storage. I am a pretty trustworthy person and backpackers have to have that trust with others in hostels but just for extra safety, taking a lock is always a good idea!

Lipstick (For girls)

This might sound slightly odd, but while backpacking you don’t have much luxury. Depending on where you are, what you’re doing and who you will meet its never nice to feel a little minging, especially for us girls. I managed to take some of my makeup away with me but you have to let go of looking your best all the time. It’s not possible.

Something small like a pretty coloured lipstick made such a difference to me when I was travelling. In the evenings on bar crawls and nice meals I didn’t have anything dressy to wear. I couldn’t even style my hair properly as I didn’t have my straightners and back at home I always wear perfume! I took my favourite branded MAC lipstick in colour ‘Lady Danger’. This just made me feel a little nicer on an evening or if I was visiting somewhere and wanted to make a bit more effort. Check out my post out soon on what products to take backpacking by clicking here.

Travelling extrasUnknown

These are must! I’m not talking the whole shebang but lets be realistic. You have very few things to take, you’re going to end up in all sorts of hostel rooms and sitatuions. You may end up on night trains or sleeping on ever night ferries like me. It’s all fun and part of the experience but you’re not laughing when you have the sunlight in your face at 5am after 2 hours sleep or a load of french girls getting up at 7am after a heavy night drinking in Budapest. I suggest talking just a couple of travelling extras. Earplugs will come in handy if you don’t mind wearing them.

Portable chargers

I actually didn’t have this when travelling. The only thing I had worth charging was my iPad Mini which I didn’t use that often. I defiantly recommend taking a portable charger, especially if you do take your phone or camera out a lot. I will certainly be taking one for my GoPro when I go away again.


I expect you’ll be visiting capital cities, even if not, some cities can be huge! It’s so easy to get lost in big touristy cities with your language not being the first spoken. Places like London, Berlin, Budapest, Prague etc do provide lots of tourist info and I’ve always found hostels are great for help however I really recommend taking your own maps. Before you get to a city, even if you have a look on google, check out where you are on the map. What countries are near you, where the city is in the country. This will help you planning your route and plans easier! It also makes getting around and understanding the city a whole lot easier!


Like this, check out ‘Interrailing’ by clicking here!

Let me know what your travel necessities are by commenting in the box below!!


My top 8 best travel tips

Don’t feel silly.

Travelling isn’t always the most luxurorious experience. Sitting on planes or trains for hours isnt always the most comftable experiance. When I left for Europe I felt silly with this humongous rucksack on my back. This ridiculously giant bright blue ugly bag that was bigger than me. When I didn’t have that on, I had a smaller version for the daytime and guess what, that was even worse. I adore my little pretty rucksacks and handbags. What was I doing swopping my fashionable bags for this bloody rucksack, however after 2 days, I really didn’t care. It was convenient. Infact, it made me feel as though I fitted right in with the whole backpacking and travelling business. When you’re away seeing the world in whatever city or country you’re in, you stop caring about all the things you have back at home and concentrate on what you have with you. Like mentioned in other blogs, every time I come home from working abroad or travelling I hate myself for the amount of belongings I feel that it’s necessary to have. Get the lightest, biggest yet most convinent bag you can find, whatever fucking colour you want and embrace it. Maybe not walking down Leeds City Centre or down the Malia strip with it but you get the jist. You’ll fit right in when living in hostels and exploring living your dreams.


Be prepared

So I’m starting to get used to whole flying long flights alone malarkey. Flying to Athens was only 4 hours however, was I prepared. Blanket, head rest, eye cover, charged ipad with movies, plenty of food and water and a clear mind. Feeling like a prat is easier when your with someone else. If two people do something a little embarrassing it’s not as bad as just you by yourself. Flying to Athens, I had to get over this. I had my little blue ugly rucksack ready, my travel blanket, the lot. Let me tell you something, it was the comfiest and calmest flight. I was prepared. Felt right at home, well, almost. I tried. Get whatever is going to make your travelling more enjoyable and make sure you give yourself time to be prepared. In big cities getting maps is very helpful, you can pick maps of the city at most hostels. Don’t be afraid to ask locals, other backpackers and hostel staff on good places to go. Everyone always knows something you don’t so make sure you grab enough info about your destination.

Pack light

I don’t know about you guys but these two words give me more stress then they should. How can you possibly put your life for however long into one bag. I’ve said it before and ill say it again, its difficult. For those lovely ladies out there who also like their straightners and perfumes and a variety of shoes. I have to break it to you, give it up. We have to let them go. In some way I actually like the challenge of not having everything I want and finding ways to feel good. I can not stress enough that this statement is true; pack half of what you think. Make sure you feel satisfied that you have the clothes you want, nevertheless, keep it basic and light. Wear things that you can wear over and and over, easy to clean and something suitable. Depending on your destination your travelling too, certain clothing is needed. In Asia you need to have your knees and shoulders covered in the heat. Travelling Europe I had two pairs of jeans, a pair of trackies, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 10 tops, 1 cardigon, 1 trainers, 1 sandles, 1 flip flops and 1 maxi dress. This was more then enough.

Do your research

Know where you are going. If you are going to spend time somewhere, you might as well get to know the area. What is there to do there, what’s the history. You will benefit from this in more ways then one. It can help you save money, understand the culture and even have a better time. I found this out when arriving in Rome, I felt silly. I had no proper idea about anything to do with Italy. I had come all this way to a country I didn’t really understand. Getting to Rome was my first main destination. It very hot and busy and I had no idea where to go. Even when I spent the day walking around seeing the main tourist attractions … I didn’t know much about them. Also, if you do your research before you get somewhere you can fit your dates around certain events. Despite still making it to the superb popular Turkish baths in Budapest, I wasn’t able to get to the huge party they had every Saturday night. I had no idea about it till I got there and was gutted to miss it. Even when I got to Paris, I found that Beyonce and Jay Z where playing while I was there. Some miracle happened and I got given a ticket to go with someone I met while out in Paris. Winner Winner chicken dinner. Anyway, I would recommend finding out what’s going on when your there, and finding out what exactly you are interested in doing.

Take photos

 A picture speaks a thousand words.
You don’t have to be that irritating tourist taking photo of a bloody lamp post but your making incredible memories, capture them. Nowadays everything is posted on social media sites and I appreciate it’s not for everyone. Look at me, I have a bloody website rambling about my life but theres nothing better then just having your very own beautiful travelling photos to look back on.  Take lots of videos and photos, you will regret not doing so. I also suggest getting yourself a decent camera to make things a little more fun. I recently puchased a GoPro Hero 3+ and I love it! Don’t spend all the time behind the camera, you have to embrace where you are and enjoy being in the moment but try capture what you can. It’s free, easy and the best souvenir.



Speak to everyone.

A big part of travelling for me is meeting people. Wherever I am in the world I find it is important for many reasons. Not only is it good to learn things from others and have different company but most of the time they want to help you and backpackers are always so friendly and warming. Travelling  Europe a lone ment I just had to go and meet new people and everyone was always so lovely. There is always people around from all over the world with such interesting stories and tips. I know lots of people who have met others while travelling and ended up contiuning the trip together.

Leave your comfort zone.

Feel as though there is something you dont want to do? Not sure if you want to go somewhere or try something new? DO IT. You always remember the crazy times you went and did something a little different right? Without being too silly, the best things in life and those you learn most things from are from leaving your comfort zone. Go do something different or try something you didn’t want too. Never know what you might learn.

This view.

This view.

Don’t over plan.

It is finding the right balance of knowing where to go and where not too. Things can change everyday.  Who you meet, what sitatuion your in. It is always good to have an idea of where to go and like mentioned earlier, know where you are going HOWEVER please don’t feel as though you can’t change your plans. Let things happen. Sometimes going with the flow will lead to exciting new adventures. Depending on your sitatuation and who you are with, part of travelling is to embrace on exploring this planet.

Sleep when your dead.

Okay, not literally. A little extreme there Leah. Seriously though, wake up and do things with your day. I adore my sleep and back in England I seriously struggle getting up before midday. Yes, go out at night and have a good time but please don’t forget how important the days are. Lots of things go on only in the morning. Markets tend to close around 3pm in Europe. Get out for a local breakfast and set off walking and see where you end up. There is always so much to do and see, whatever budget you’re on.

Don’t be scared to get lost. When I was backpacking Europe I always tried to be up for 9am. To me this was a perfect time as I still got my hours sleep at night however was up, ready, out and doing things by 12 which was perfect. I tend to tan well and when working abroad I get a lot of comments like, ‘how are you so tanned and brown?’. My answer. I get up relatively early and go down the beach. Despite the beach being my favourite place ever, I like to be out in the sun in the daylight. I always like to keep busy personally and I am not saying to never sleep, this is also important to keep you fit and revitalised with lots of energy to explore. I am all for those long crazy nights out and partying till the early hours but when travelling and being away from home, those days are vital.


How to budget when travelling

As you may have gathered from my previous posts, i’ve wanted to elaborate specifically, that money should not be an excuse to not travel. Everything I have done since the age of 16, i’ve payed for by working on various part time jobs. Life always throws obstacles at us, and sometimes, it feels like it’ll do anything for us to stop us from doing what we’re wanting to do.
Travelling is a life lesson. It’s a journey. It’s magical, scary, wonderful..but it can be reality.

My main emphasis is that travelling is not as expensive as may you think. As I have mentioned before ‘backpacking’ is not supposed to be a luxury. It’s not about dining out in top restaurants, days out shopping or drinking the best wine in fancy hotels, however i’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of hostels that i’ve stayed in for next to nothing.

During my travels I have found some of my favourite places to eat for less then £5, alongside with drinking some of the best cocktails for just £2. Each city I visited offered free walking tours which I made sure I took full advantage of. My hostels were offering extremely cheap washing services which is helpful.

How can I save my money?

Even back at home, if do your research, chat to a few people and leave the main high street you’ll find such lovely, cheap yet cheerful, scrumptious and exciting places to eat and drink. There are always offers and travellers are always willing to help other travellers with finding affordable and interesting places to visit.

Walk everywhere. I occasionally caught the metro or a bus in bigger cities but I walked everywhere else. The odd taxi wont hurt but it will add up so try find a cheaper way of travel within a city. Bikes are an awesome way of seeing the city and getting about in a fun and cheap way. In Asia Tuc Tucs are such an exciting way of getting about. Convinent, affordable and unforgetable. Just what we want to hear!!

You don’t always need to eat out. Dining in resturants can still be cheap but getting a bag of pasta, some garlic bread, a cheap sauce and maybe a cheeky bottle of wine with a group of people can cost around £2. A lot of hostels have kitchen space and people are always up for cooking in together.

Most main cities all over the world offer free walking tours. Make sure to check these out, they normally expect a tip of a couple of Euro but sometimes I didn’t even have cash on me and it was ok. These tours show you the city in a facinating and impressive light. I was always impressed with the tour guide and what they had to offer. During these tours I also met solo travellers that I hung out with after the tours. A great way to save the pennies!

My hostel in Florence, Italy

One of the biggest ways to save your money is accomadation. Like mentioned, I have found such adorable and delightful hostels and places to stay for such affordable prices. There are so many types of hostel… to see where I stayed click here…

Again, do some research and you will find some wicked places within your budget. I always opted for larger mixed dorms. Not only for the price, but to meet more people and I am more then happy living with guys and it’s cheaper! Wheyy!

Transfers from airports! These can be very expensive. Even in Crete, a taxi from Heraklion to the Malia strip is over 50 Euros. You can pre book a cheap shuttle bus for less then £7!
All over the world offer cheap coaches and bus’ if you research and pre book! It might take extra time and not be as luxery but here you will saving pennies!

My expenses.

I just want to show you a little breakdown of my trip around Europe.

Best ice cream ever! Rome, Italy

I travelled 9 countries, 14 cities including Rome, Paris, Venice, Athens, Budapest, Prague, London, Amsterdam and more. I stayed in great hostels every night, ate out for dinner pretty much every night. I treated myself to ice cream in Florence, bought myself a purse in Venice, ate so much pizza in Rome. Did everything from smoke and rent a bike in Amsterdam, dine at gorgeous french bistros and climb the eiffel tower in Paris. Drinking lots of beer in Germany, pub crawled Budapest, partied in Prague, danced at Pineapple and went out in London and so so much more!! Not only that but did my washing each week, got a couple of gifts, drank plenty of booze and also payed for a couple of metro tickets, a ferry from Greece to Italy and had to reserve a few trains with a small fee. Excluding my inter rail ticket and flight into Athens, in 5 weeks of non stop madness travelling Europe, I spent just under £1,000!

There was a lot of other things I wanted to do, things to see and places to go however as I was on a budgett so I had to restrict myself. Nevertheless, I never felt as I was mising out and I made sure I did everything I really wanted to do!

Drinking wine in Italy

I kept note everyday exactly what I was spending. I will round it all up and show you my breakdown of daily and weekly spending!

Daily budget:
£15 (Water, breakfast, snacks, dinner, booze)
£16 accomdation (per night) (sharing mixed dorm)
£2 Extra travel (Metro, bus, etc..)
£10 Tours, Museams, Tourist attracktions etc..
Overall:  £42 a day

Weekly budget:

£90 a week accomadation
£100 a week food

Brunch in Budapest

£9 travel
£50 extra

£249 a week!!
  Overall: £1,245 for 5 weeks
 (I spent less then this, overall things worked out a little cheaper)

It depends entirely on what city your in and what types of things you want to do. Each country varies on living costs, travel expensis and average dining. Places like budapest are a lot cheaper then Paris.

 It takes some getting used too, its a skill we all need in life. Budgetting your money can be difficult but its about priorities. Everyone will want to budget different things so find what is right for you!
Smoking in Amsterdam
Pedle Boat in Prague
Shopping in Paris
Clubbing in Budapest



Backpacking, alone.

After watching the film ‘Wild’ in the cinema with a friend this evening it really got me thinking.

We are born alone, we die alone and a lot of other things in between. Some spend more time alone than others. Some out of choice, some not.

Me? Well, my parents said I was running off making friends and doing my own things from the age for 5. Chucking myself down water slides on family holidays, still going on roller coasters when others were to scared. Turning up to dance classes alone was never an issue including the classic female one, not caring about going to the toilet alone. I do prefer to be with people but being by myself doesn’t really bother me.

I have always started trips with people but been let down by them leaving. I refused to fly home so carried on alone.

When you travel alone, you’re never truly alone. There is always someone you can talk to, just make it happen.

The one reason I find people love to travel, like myself, is they find themselves. They let their imagination run free, have thoughts and dreams they don’t normally explore into. They are taken out the comfort zone and have new emotions and desires.

Being alone does not make you lonely.

 Sometimes, our mind, is our own worst enemy.

This film ‘Wild’ starring the talented Reece Wetherspoon was not what I expected. Attending a pretty regular weekly cinema routine with a good friend of mine we decided to go for this choice of film. However much it looked fascinating, it was a more of a convenient time showing. Trailer.  Recommend!

It took us on a powerful journey, 
Cheryl, a recovering drug user who
 lost her mother, with a failed marriage, take on an extraordinary 
difficult and ambitious walk. Hiking over 1,000 miles from Mexico to Canada with nothing but her backpack. It showed us the struggles of the challenging journey which
ultimately heals her.

Got me thinking..

I have never done a trip to this extent however it made me think about when I backpacked Europe. I was travelling a continent alone with just the stuff on my back.

My experience was one heck of a journey. A scary, challenging, fun and actually quite relaxing one. It came with some surprising emotions such as anger, doubt,
pleasure, calmness and reassurance. 

Long train journeys, lonely walks around cities, dining out alone and relying purely on your ideas and thoughts took me to places in my mind I had not entered before.

Walking for 8 hours around Budapest,
only had a map, blink 182 playing and
my thoughts.


Travelling alone is different for everyone, it is not for us all. I feel in this day and age we look at being by yourself as a bad thing. Most of us do love a bit of ‘me’ time but many depend on others company to succeed in certain things. I recieved a lot of ”So your travelling a lone!?” Funnily enough, this was from people back at home rather than others I met travelling.

I know many people who will be reading this who live by themselves, or have very independent lifestyles however I am focusing more on travelling. 

Being alone can open doors that being with a friend can’t. It’s not always the case but I have heard from many people that travelling alone leads you to meet more people. In hostels others by themselves want to meet others. I met dozens of people travelling in a group or in a couple, but for those who are tempted to do it alone. Do it. 

There are numerous ways in how to meet people. Offer to go for a drink, join a bar crawl together. I was always being invited to go along with room mates and people I talked to. 

Sometimes, I dropped my bags off and just ask who ever was in my room if they wanted to go grab a drink in the hostel bar or local. This then leads to meeting even more people. On my first night in Rome, everyone spoke to everyone. It was inspirational to see everyone getting on and talking so easily.

Arriving in Italy.
Waiting for train leaving

It can get lonely. Little things get hard. No one to give their opinion, take a photo for you. Asking them to stay with the bags while you do something.
Just somebody to chat with. 

Your bag

This is all you have. I thought packing a huge suitcase for summer was hard. Sometimes not knowing who your going to meet, types of places you will be visiting or knowing what occasion you will need to dress for. As well as packing cosmetics, products, shoes, documents and personal belonging. This all has to be carried on your back. I am 5’1 so please appreciate I am not the strongest, or tallest. I had to be extra careful what I took. 

The one thing I really want to express is how little you need. For me personally, I value my nice things. I love my good products and straighteners and clean, relatively fashionable clothes. I wanted to take everything, to feel prepared. 

Getting the right bag for you is very important. Spend time researching the correct rucksack and essentials you will need for your trip.

I remember standing up for the first time with my bag on and just falling backwards. I could not even balance. Physically I did not have the power to even stand up, let a lone walk with this bag. What was I thinking!? How the bloody hell was I going to manage. You do get used to it and learn how to balance.

The anger I felt during the trip was actually when I came home…

As happy as I was to see my beautiful friends & family, sleep in my own room in my big double bed, actually sit and watch pointless TV and have a bath.

I was annoyed at myself. Why did I have so much stuff? I walked into my room and was overwhelmed with the things I had. I was happier with a few basic clothes and some mascara and hair mousse. I come back to luxury products I had left behind, numerous pairs of different jeans and knitwear. Heaps of tops and shoes. What was wrong with me?

We all work hard and deserve to have clothes and feel as though if we want something we can aim to get it. I was gone for over a month with nothing but some basic clothes and products and was happy. I was living my life and it was brilliant.

I had felt beforehand that I needed all these things to make me happy. I still have my straighteners and I buy clothes but I have now realised that ‘things’ don’t bring happiness. I now just wear less make up, don’t go shopping anywhere as near as much. 

I feel as though travelling a lone has taught me a lot. How to socialise and communicate with people, to think less and do more which I quite enjoy. It has shown me how to adapt to situations, interact with so many different types of people. Also just how to budget, 

No one is there holding my hand and doing everything for me, I’ve got myself here and that give me such a great sense of achievement. I’ve earnt the money, I’ve planned the trip, I’m living the dream…what more could you ask for?!

– Chris Stevens

Me walking, Patras, Greece.

I would wake up asking where I wanted to go next and what I wanted to do that day, and simply went and did it.

My bed on the Ferry to Italy
Me on the train
First journey, leaving Greece… 6 am

, ,

All you need to know on Interrailing Europe

Inter railing Europe is a fun, convenient and interesting way to travel Europe.

I wanted to do the trip for a while but when planning, everyone I spoke to told me not to plan and this was not helping. What do you mean don’t plan? I just fly somewhere and take it from there?

The answer is yes.

It felt like the pass was almost like paying for freedom. Depending on what type of ticket you get depends on how often you can travel, in which countries and how long its valid for. Prices go from around £50 to £600 and you have to activate it within 3 months of purchasing.

Some tickets depend on the type of trains you can get on. (Regional trains or High speed and first class or economy class). Some tickets are limited to one country, or a section of Europe or a Global Pass which entitles you to go anywhere. I opted for Global. This gets you 10 days travel within 22 days and cost around £250. Travelling pretty much anywhere but just on regional trains in economy class.

Your pass is vital. DO NOT LOOSE IT!

If you do I am afraid there is nothing you can do. Keeping it with your passport and other important documents is a good idea. It will have your details on and this is your life! It is a big paper ticket.

What I adore about inter railing in my opinion, is the fact you travel everywhere by train. No traffic or expensive flights, you hop on the train that suits your needs and go to your desired destination.

The scenic side of things when travelling is a trip in itself. Train journeys can also be long yes, but transport around Europe is not the same as England, it is more comfortable and spacious. The one night train I got from Venice to Vienna felt like something from Harry Potter.. just without all the magic. This is your chance to meet a lot of other travellers. Especially for those wanting to go solo.

Being 5’1 with a very large rucksack was not easy. Walking was the hardest task of the day with my bag on, however I got used to this. I felt as though I had packed light, after the trip, I realised I had not. Packing for a month in one bag with no idea to what your going to be doing is pretty stressful but please make sure you get the correct rucksack for you and pack things you really need!IMG_4437

A piece of advice I heard is that take half of what you think. Gives me chills having to admit it, but this is true. Harder for the lovely ladies but pack sensibly. I cannot stress how little clothes and products you actually need. Later I will tell you what I took and what I felt was not needed. Majority of hostels have laundry rooms to do washing. Your rucksack is on your back a lot and you have to be able to carry it. Those who like to shop, make sure you leave room in your bag for presents or souvenirs. I am just grateful Camden Market in London was my last stop!!


Hostel living is not something I had really experienced before and I was pretty nervous on what to expect. Sleeping on bunk beds in a room with up to 12 other strangers does not sound the most appealing. Those who think this, your wrong! It’s your chance to meet other people on a similar journey to you.

I met many English travellers but there are people from all over the world! Most hostels have lockers and safes. I was pretty relaxed about having my things out, luckily nothing of mine got taken but I did hear many unfortunate stories so please make sure you are very careful with your belongings. Some might say I’m naive, I am just a bit too trustworthy, finding most people I was staying with were in the same boat as me, travelling alone wanting to explore and to meet people.


Money. Sure some of you are thinking, hold on a minute, how much does all this cost!? Dining out every night, visiting museums, renting bicycles, numerous pub crawl and day tours, keeping up with laundry, sleeping in hostels every night, endulging on cocktails, hopping on more transport within the city centres. Shopping and accomplishing plenty of tourist attractions. The honest truth is I was just careful. I made sure I knew how much I had to spend, and realising how steady I had to stay with my money.

I personally had just short of £1,000. This included everything I did including days after my inter rail pass- so Amsterdam, transport to London and then London to Leeds. All my food and drink the entire trip. laundry, accommodation, spending money etc. Not my inter rail pass and insurance(That was 20th birthday present while working in Greece) This is what I spent.. not what to take yourself! 

This is all the money I had in my account that I had saved in Malia. I could have spent half and could have spent double. Having no choice but to hold back on certain things was sometimes fustrating as I wanted to go everywhere and do everything but if you take the time out to search for certain student tickets/ Inter rail discounts/ cheap restaurant deals you can save a few euros here and there.

I did not miss out on much but budgeting is part of the trip. Backpacking is not supposed to be luxury. Managing to do almost everything I wanted was something I made sure of.

Walking everywhere became a normal thing to do, cutting out on fizzy drinks at dinner was something I had to do. Just aim for the slightly cheaper places to eat. If you are a little bit like me..naughty and sly there are ways to save money and not pay for transport. Shhhh!

 Hostels in Europe are pretty cheap, certain cities like Paris are more expensive so be aware of the type of city your visiting. Hostels I stayed in ranged from 6 euros to 45 per night. Booking hostels is easy, I would not suggest getting a travel agency to do it for you as they charge you extra.

Here is a video of my journey.