How to budget when travelling

As you may have gathered from my previous posts, i’ve wanted to elaborate specifically, that money should not be an excuse to not travel. Everything I have done since the age of 16, i’ve payed for by working on various part time jobs. Life always throws obstacles at us, and sometimes, it feels like it’ll do anything for us to stop us from doing what we’re wanting to do.
Travelling is a life lesson. It’s a journey. It’s magical, scary, wonderful..but it can be reality.

My main emphasis is that travelling is not as expensive as may you think. As I have mentioned before ‘backpacking’ is not supposed to be a luxury. It’s not about dining out in top restaurants, days out shopping or drinking the best wine in fancy hotels, however i’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of hostels that i’ve stayed in for next to nothing.

During my travels I have found some of my favourite places to eat for less then £5, alongside with drinking some of the best cocktails for just £2. Each city I visited offered free walking tours which I made sure I took full advantage of. My hostels were offering extremely cheap washing services which is helpful.

How can I save my money?

Even back at home, if do your research, chat to a few people and leave the main high street you’ll find such lovely, cheap yet cheerful, scrumptious and exciting places to eat and drink. There are always offers and travellers are always willing to help other travellers with finding affordable and interesting places to visit.

Walk everywhere. I occasionally caught the metro or a bus in bigger cities but I walked everywhere else. The odd taxi wont hurt but it will add up so try find a cheaper way of travel within a city. Bikes are an awesome way of seeing the city and getting about in a fun and cheap way. In Asia Tuc Tucs are such an exciting way of getting about. Convinent, affordable and unforgetable. Just what we want to hear!!

You don’t always need to eat out. Dining in resturants can still be cheap but getting a bag of pasta, some garlic bread, a cheap sauce and maybe a cheeky bottle of wine with a group of people can cost around £2. A lot of hostels have kitchen space and people are always up for cooking in together.

Most main cities all over the world offer free walking tours. Make sure to check these out, they normally expect a tip of a couple of Euro but sometimes I didn’t even have cash on me and it was ok. These tours show you the city in a facinating and impressive light. I was always impressed with the tour guide and what they had to offer. During these tours I also met solo travellers that I hung out with after the tours. A great way to save the pennies!

My hostel in Florence, Italy

One of the biggest ways to save your money is accomadation. Like mentioned, I have found such adorable and delightful hostels and places to stay for such affordable prices. There are so many types of hostel… to see where I stayed click here…

Again, do some research and you will find some wicked places within your budget. I always opted for larger mixed dorms. Not only for the price, but to meet more people and I am more then happy living with guys and it’s cheaper! Wheyy!

Transfers from airports! These can be very expensive. Even in Crete, a taxi from Heraklion to the Malia strip is over 50 Euros. You can pre book a cheap shuttle bus for less then £7!
All over the world offer cheap coaches and bus’ if you research and pre book! It might take extra time and not be as luxery but here you will saving pennies!

My expenses.

I just want to show you a little breakdown of my trip around Europe.

Best ice cream ever! Rome, Italy

I travelled 9 countries, 14 cities including Rome, Paris, Venice, Athens, Budapest, Prague, London, Amsterdam and more. I stayed in great hostels every night, ate out for dinner pretty much every night. I treated myself to ice cream in Florence, bought myself a purse in Venice, ate so much pizza in Rome. Did everything from smoke and rent a bike in Amsterdam, dine at gorgeous french bistros and climb the eiffel tower in Paris. Drinking lots of beer in Germany, pub crawled Budapest, partied in Prague, danced at Pineapple and went out in London and so so much more!! Not only that but did my washing each week, got a couple of gifts, drank plenty of booze and also payed for a couple of metro tickets, a ferry from Greece to Italy and had to reserve a few trains with a small fee. Excluding my inter rail ticket and flight into Athens, in 5 weeks of non stop madness travelling Europe, I spent just under £1,000!

There was a lot of other things I wanted to do, things to see and places to go however as I was on a budgett so I had to restrict myself. Nevertheless, I never felt as I was mising out and I made sure I did everything I really wanted to do!

Drinking wine in Italy

I kept note everyday exactly what I was spending. I will round it all up and show you my breakdown of daily and weekly spending!

Daily budget:
£15 (Water, breakfast, snacks, dinner, booze)
£16 accomdation (per night) (sharing mixed dorm)
£2 Extra travel (Metro, bus, etc..)
£10 Tours, Museams, Tourist attracktions etc..
Overall:  £42 a day

Weekly budget:

£90 a week accomadation
£100 a week food

Brunch in Budapest

£9 travel
£50 extra

£249 a week!!
  Overall: £1,245 for 5 weeks
 (I spent less then this, overall things worked out a little cheaper)

It depends entirely on what city your in and what types of things you want to do. Each country varies on living costs, travel expensis and average dining. Places like budapest are a lot cheaper then Paris.

 It takes some getting used too, its a skill we all need in life. Budgetting your money can be difficult but its about priorities. Everyone will want to budget different things so find what is right for you!
Smoking in Amsterdam
Pedle Boat in Prague
Shopping in Paris
Clubbing in Budapest