Living abroad; Malia Part 1

I have worked two seasons as a Malia worker. Not as a rep or with a company, no contract or any idea what I was doing. I flew off when I was 18 with a plane ticket and 1 months accommodation and the rest was history.
2013, Leeds Airport, 
Boarding plane to Malia

When everyone asks how I did it. The answer is far to simple. Buy a plane ticket, pack your bags and go. There is no simpler way to put it however I am going to elaborate into things slightly more. Go through what you need to do, the feelings, the process and what it is really like to work a season abroad.

Most British party destinations other then Ibiza are similar. I have numerous friends that have worked in places such as Zante, Aiya Napa, Kavos, Maga and of course Malia. The difference is the type of people it attracts, the country, worklife and possibly the age group . Where you go is fundamentally up to you.

In these types of destinations the average jobs are PR’s, laughing gas, shot girls, bar work and ticket selling. There are other jobs for instance, in a hotel, beach staff and waitress. These are still easy to get but you will not be working on the strip with the same hours as others. The thing I love about these jobs and working abroad is that everyone has the same routine as you. Your body clock gets used to working late nights, your all working on the same strip with everyone. Some people will tell you to take over a CV, don’t listen. You normally go into a bar/club and ask if there are any jobs going and if there are, they will ask you to do a trial. The lifestyle of working a season is epic. Everything an average young adult wants, sun, booze, clubs, beaches, a laugh, plenty of banterous friends and not many rules.

Fran and I at work. 2013. Banana.

First thing is first. Choose your destination. Second, book your flight. Everyone has different ideas of where they want to go, whether you have been on holiday before or know other people going. Where ever you feel, go with it and book. It takes less then 5 minutes. I recommend booking through Skyscanner. I have found these have been the cheapest flights for myself and know many others are book on here. Choose your seat and baggage allowance and make sure you turn up at your flight.

Is that it? No.

Facebook. If you have not already, find your destinations workers facebook page, I find this is a huge help for meeting other workers, finding more about the place and the people. Click here for the Malia workers page. You have been warned (Contains shit chat, rude language and pointless posts)

When do I go?
I suggest going mid may.

The weather still is not always warm until June so it will not be very hot and sunny. Very few bars are open so they will not be looking for staff much before June. If you have money and time then go earlier. I fly mid may and feel this is best for me as I can still meet every one and get there not long before I start work. On my first year I arrived beginning of June on a Saturday, got a job the Sunday and started on the Monday. I was in the job the entire summer and went back the year after. Second time round I went 17th May and this was perfect. If you can not get out there till June or later that is fine. A lot of workers would have only just got jobs and weather is now hot. May is normally like a workers holiday where everyone meets and hangs out but there are still hundreds of workers coming all throughout summer. Do not worry, you will still be able to find work and meet everyone. I remember feeling overwhelmed with excitement counting down the days till jumping on that flight, it comes with so many emotions and this is before you even get out there! If you are a lone, do not fear. Others are in the same boat and the best thing about Malia workers is that we are a family. Just get off that plane ready to make friends and you will be fine. A lot of old and new workers start alone so it is normal.

In my first year I had no idea how much money I needed. I went with 300 euros and did not need a penny more. I had £200 in my bank account but refused to touch it unless I was in a serious emergency. My plane ticket there and first months accommodation is all the money I had taken. I still managed to have a ped, eat out every night, get a couple more piercings, get to star beach, go shopping and all those type of things. The best thing about living abroad is that it is so cheap. A lot of places give you workers discounts. I try and set myself a budget per day and I suggest doing this, it sometimes depended on what I earned the night before. The reason I find most people struggle to survive with their money is because they have not been working. If you work hard you will be able to live well. What most people spend there money on;

Wage £££

Most of us go with intentions to work, and most do manage to get a job. The average nightly wage is around 20-30 Euros. Depending on the bar and hours it can vary but this is the standard wage. Working on shots and laughing gas can be considerably more during mid season as it is based on commission but can also be earning half if it is quite. Greeks want loyalty and respect. You show them this and they will pay you well and keep you on. This wage is enough to live on, other jobs do offer different amounts but for the average worker on the strip, this is your likely wage a night.

Some of the boys and I before
Star Beach
  • Motor. Now for those malakas (Greek slang for wankers/friends) who know me I have always had my little looloo, the pink ped, by far the fastest ped and I was lucky to be the only one with it. In my second year they had released a couple more due to high demand of my baby but I will be having a brand new limited one this year! Eeeek. Quads are possible to get too however I don’t like driving them and are a lot slower. Workers tend to get peds and tourists go with the quads. In Malia there are quite a few rental places offering very good workers prices.

I have always used Hermes as these guys are good friends, always sorted me out and been helpful plus the Greek mechanics are totally in love with me. Lol. These guys have 3 shops over Malia and the staff are very good friends. I will always recommend as they are great to rent from. Make sure you check out everyone and see who is best for you. Insurance is normally included in the final price. Bare in mind you will need petrol, it’s pretty cheap to fill up your tank! Longest journey you normally make is to star beach or Sissi to go cliff diving.

Me Cliff diving in Sissi.
  • Food.  Lots of restaurants offer workers price and food is relatively cheap. Most mornings you are going to feel a tad hungover and a classic 2.90 from Royal Oak is a winner however I opted for a banana every morning from the supermarket as I was dieting and saving money. If I was naughty I pushed the boat out and got a gorgeous frappé and beans on toast! My favYou will live for Frappes!! (Cold sweet coffee, greek ones are the best.)


Salmon Pasta.
Brasserie, Malia
Danelis, Malia



Sunday  Carvery.
Red Lion, Malia


Food is what I spent most my money on as I never cooked in unless my good friend Charlie and Stretch were cooking. Majority of workers say the same, so try and cook in and do a food shop with friends if your budgeting. There is a big supermarket right on the strip. There are so many good places to eat in Malia and around.. or you could just stick with the good old SFC!

  • Alcohol. It is so cheap over in these types of destinations. Most bars in Malia do 1/2 euro workers drinks and depending on where you work, you get free drinks. Get yourself to WKD for a good headfucker. 


Zoo do lovely cocktails, Loft is a good place for pre drinks and don’t forget to check out Energy for a good shisha. Street bar for some beer pong, Mode for some shots, Safari for a skank, Zig Zag for a shuffle, Cloud9 to pull and of course Banana. Petrinos for those early birds, Kings Cross to groove not forgetting Oasis Pool parties are a must. RnB for a grind, Help bar for a good fishbowl, Reflex to boogie. Do not forget to check out Apollo, Bar One, Heaven, Molly Malones, Corkers, Havana, Candy, Indie, Big Ben, Union Jack and many more!

Katie and I
Me on a balloon
  • Balloons. Most places will offer cheaper laughing gas to workers, be careful, I ended up spending most my money on nights out on this. 3-5 Euros.
  • Products. Make sure to take plenty of products like Shampoo, Body wash, moisturiser, hairspray and gel etc.. as they are pretty expensive over there. For those female MAC lovers they do have a MAC store in Heraklion. Again this is where I spent a lot of money.
First trip to Mac
It is possible to save! It depends on your budgeting and daily costs. The money I saved in Malia in 2014 is what I used to backpack Europe for a month.

This is one of the most important to get right!

In my first year I stayed in Theoni, off the top of the strip near Danelis Hotel however you can no longer rent there. The second I stayed at Flamingos before moving to Aptera, both in the centre of the strip, behind and opposite Safari.

I have always booked with Tony ‘TonyWorkersrooms Furnivalis’ and he’s great to book with. He knows what he is doing and has been doing this for years, its Bretley you don’t want to fuck with, hahaha. On average you pay 200 Euros for a month. He offers all different types of accommodation all over Malia. He also does the workers rooms for Maga, Napa, Kavos and Zant. He is happy to answer any questions you have. Do some research and see what is best for you as there are so many places to live!

Remember you can always move after a month if you don’t feel your accommodation is suitable for you. All rooms are pretty basic, in destinations like this you cannot expect much. You get beds, shower, toilet, balcony, cooker, dressing table etc.

I have never been in a room with air con and managed perfectly fine but it is a big bonus if you can get this. My first year I did not have WiFi either where I stayed but I also managed. Luckily the hotel opposite had WiFi and let us use it. I would say it does help if you can get a place with WiFi but so many places on the strip have it.

Check out his website by clicking here!!

You will undoubtedly have the trip of your lifetime. Make incredible friends, learn things about yourself, party harder then you have before, consume more alcohol then you thought was possible and live like a true season worker, I would recommend it to anyone. Remember, look after yourself, party hard, have fun and don’t look back.

Thank you to everyone who has made my summers unforgettable..   both 2013 & 2014 photos!

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