I am getting ready to leave again. Time to endure another world adventure.

A one-way ticket into Rio De Janeiro with only my camera, rucksack and whatever I’ve managed to save the last 6 months.

Working full time living back at home settling in temporarily, I’ve gained new friendships, appreciated my time at home, made more memories, had relationships and loved resting from the rest of the world.

But, it’s time to go, again.

I’m on my remaining couple of weeks and I know things are changing.
I wanted to tell you how I am really feeling. What’s really going on.

Well, in some way not much. I don’t want to rush the time away, I can’t afford to waste moments in my comfort, around loved ones and those who know me.
I am working crazy hours at work to gain those final travel funds and getting ready to leave.

I have moulded back into the social norm a little more then I thought, I am comfortable and happy.
I am privileged and pretty content with most things.

I am starting to say goodbye.

I need to see what else is out there, I promised myself I would travel, properly, passionately, freely and right now, completely independently while I am young, able and well.

I’ve spent the last five years backpacking solo, traveling extensively through three continents and working seasons abroad as well as other travel breaks.

I am 23 right now and feeling pretty satisfied with how much I’ve seen and done. Experiences and foreign places excite me and I crave to feel alive. I know it’s not going to be forever but I have to travel now.

So, how do I really feel?

Let’s get straight to the point, I am scared.
Who are you kidding? Who wouldn’t feel a little on edge about flying into the middle of one of the worlds craziest, most dangerous, busy and intriguing destinations. I am a young female going on my own with absolutely no plans, I am aware, this is risky, epic and even a little crazy.

I have to trust myself, my gut, open my mind to different beliefs, cultures, lifestyles, food, traditions and people. I have to find comfort in foreign places and trust people who don’t speak my language.

I have the chance to discover places I can only dream of and  right now, I have nothing stopping me.

Responses aren’t helping.

Well, I am having a little trouble with many responses to this trip and let me tell you, it is affecting my mindset and excitement. Constant reminders of how much danger I will be in. How unsafe is it, people telling me all the bad things that could happen to me.

I am being told what to do if someone mugs me, what to do if I get attacked, ways to prevent some pretty nasty things. It’s been overwhelming with the amount of people wishing me all the best, looking out for me and supporting me, I appreciate it all however it can be difficult to hear terrible things about a country you know you’re about to go to.
Everywhere in the world is filled with dangerous people, untrustworthy individuals.
There are incidents every day all over the world and there is so much risk to be taken from even being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This can’t stop you living.

I have seriously spoken to myself about how aware I will need to be. How I can’t rely on the only language I know to get me buy.
I’m aware I am putting myself into different scenarios of danger and I can be vulnerable, anyone can be. I am thinking hard about my safety and what I will need to be aware of.

I have always been a bit rebellious and maybe this is just me rebelling against any routine, structure or plans, and I kind of like it.
On a more positive note….

I’m f*cking excited. I am heading back into the big wide world and I can’t wait to meet so many fascinating, different and real people from locals to backpackers.

I am going to see landscapes of perfection, nature at it’s finest and meet those who live a completely opposite life to me.
I can’t wait to be back in the jungle with countless landscapes of tropical rainforest. I crave to be watching the sunsets under palm trees sipping fresh coconuts. I’m ready to learn more, see more, grow more and live more.


I know this is the best way to meet people and trust others. I have to go into survival mode and I know it’s not all magic and adventures.
There will be moments when I am lonely, tired, confused, maybe even homesick but I never said this was going to be easy. I’m setting myself a challenge, taking risks and leaving a lot behind.

Rio is going to be feel intense at times, I need to step up my game in every sense. I am taking things a little more seriously this time and preparing myself for changes.

What am I gaining?

I have been thinking about what am I really getting from this?

It’s not for everyone but from experience, it’s one of the most exhilarating things you can do. I believe in traveling to grow and learn about not only the world, but yourself.
Discover your own beliefs, passions and interests.

I genuinely feel travel has made me a more confident, happy, truthful, and simply a better person.

I will be making friends from every country and living with everyone and anyone who is after the same thing as me, to explore.

I want to learn Spanish, push my work and get out of my comfort zone.

But, I have to say goodbye?

I am leaving everything behind.

Friends, family, my precious dog, a good job and all things I know. Home comforts, clothes, valuables, belongings.
Safety, convenience, familiarity and all comfort.

15kg of stuff and that’ll be my life for however long I am away. I have to think wisely about what I really need to take, research what I will need and won’t. I feel all my previous traveling has helped me prepare for this.

And so?

Times like this, makes you think about A LOT. What matters to you, how do you feel saying goodbye. I have been spending a lot of time deeply reflecting on many things.

I still have a lot to do before I leave. This week, I have my friend getting married one day and going to my grandmas funeral the next. I still have to work crazy shifts and give myself time to prep, and chill.

Which leads me to preparation.
What do I need to do?

Ideally, all vaccinations should have been had, purchased. Travel Insurance needs to be sorted. Photocopy information and documents to take with and leave at home.

Know the country arrival requirements or any visas that you may need. Make sure you have a good rucksack, the essentials.

It’s a good idea to research the country beforehand for weather conditions, currency, laws and transportation.
Get some currency changed and check your passport, insurance and limit yourself to any direct debits or contracts. Chat to people out there or who have been. Make contacts and interact with other backpackers out there.

This is it.

I’m starting to slowly say goodbye.

I’m having waves of different feelings and emotions. It’s all part of the experience and trip. I am about to endure in a once in a lifetime adventure. I have no plans, nothing waiting for me. I am about to head back into the big wide world and I can’t wait.

I have everywhere to go but nowhere to be.