The more I travel, the more I build a passion for photography and the more I look at things differently.

image“A camera is a save-button for the mind’s eye.”

Roger Kingston

One of the many things traveling is teaching me is to look at things, some might say, with more of an open mind.


I do.

We really see the beauty in the little things. Nature, people, animals, food, culture, architecture, history and of course, the night life.


Every blogger, photographer and traveler have their own interests. We all do. I love snapping streets, coffee, food and animals mostly. I love being back behind the bar or discovering new coffee shops and reggae bars.



We all go out to discover different adventures. DSC_0107

I take thousand of photos, I publicise around 20% to my social media pages and a little more on my Instagram.

Today I got blessed by a monk. ie, he splashed me in the face with water and gave me a friendship bracelet. Interesting!

Today I got blessed by a monk. ie, he splashed me in the face with water and gave me a friendship bracelet. Interesting!

I love taking photos and traveling lets me capture magical snaps of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen or experienced. It gives me the best souverniers and I adore looking back and reminding myself of all the places i’ve been and things ive done. There is something about photographs that can remind us of our memories more then anything.

It’s a chance for me to share my journey with friends and family, to interest other backpackers and inspire others.

But that’s it right? You just get to see it.

Found a slice of heaven. Up in the jungle lays a fancy Moroccan styled chill out bar with one sensational view of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Paradise.Our eyes are two of the most valuable things on our bodies and we can easily take them for granted, let alone all our other senses. Touch, smell and sound.


You can’t feel the temperature, you can’t hear the background noise.

I’m in South East Asia. I can feel the warm CamIMG_1454bodian humidity with that slight breeze.

The sun is so much bigger in real life, I can hear the waves smoothly arriving to the shore and tropical birds flying around me.

I’m full with yummy smoothies, my feet are covered in sand and I’m on my way to discover a new place to eat by the beach. Behind me is the tropical jungle, I can see ladies selling down the beach. I can see a few tourists wondering around, looking to catch a tuk tuk home or a cold beer somewhere in town.


I’m surrounded by new fascinating friends and I still don’t know what city I’m going to tomorrow.

DSC_0235 (2)You can’t feel that.

You just see the one photo.

I get numerous comments on my travel photographs.

That looks surreal.
Wow that photo is beautiful.
Is the water really that clear?




It’s even better.

I’m filled with passion and wanderlust. I’m having an adventure every single day.
I’m trying to photograph it in the way I really see it.


There’s nothing fake about travel photography. We really are there.


A photograph can speak a thousand words, but will never quite justify what’s really going on.Maybe that’s why I’ve stopped posting all my photos on Facebook, or constantly uploading more.

I have them for me. I send a few emails over a month to my dad of my favourite snaps however I keep them to myself, a photo can’t show how amazing something really is.

DSC_0125As a travel blogger I feel I have to take my photography a little more serious, I cant be reposting screenshot snapchats.

There’s something different going on looking through a lense, I’m looking for slightly different angles and lighting. I try and capture the moment and look at things a little different however it’s important to be able to concentrate on enjoying the moment myself.

Try not to spend your entire time behind the lense. Embrace really being there and make sure to take it all in.

I have two wonderful cameras that are almost perfect for my trip and they’ll do for now. Nikon DX & GoPro Hero 3+ Silver. It can be difficult choosing the right camera eqiuptment for you and your travels so make sure you really look into what’s around and what works for you.

Next time you see my photos, think to what’s really going on.

Think how high that mountain really is, how warm that ocean will be or how sweet my French toast is that morning sat in the cute coffee shop hidden by the river or a side street of Cambodian stalls and local business.


You think traveling isn’t for you?

Next time you see someone’s photographs of them on their travels.

Think if that was you.


Check out my GoPro review by clicking here:


6 Responses

  1. Enni Maria

    Such a lovely post! Nicely written and I really enjoyed all pictures. Last time I travelled I went to Morocco and spent ”photo-free” 3 weeks there, it was somehow liberating. Now I’ll be returning there in just few weeks and can’t wait to grab my camera gear and make some great photos! I guess it’s all about balance!

    • Leah Cole

      Ah thank you! Morocco, how fabulous! Yes I think i’m going to go back to Cambodia and leave my camera at home a little more. Sometimes I have my favourite days just wondering around places with my camera ready to snap and my music in. Will definatley have to see these wonderful photos when you go back! Totally about getting the balance.


  2. travel blogger

    Thank you for mentioning there is nothing fake about travel photography! Sometimes I get annoyed when I see a social media account that has collected and stollen photos from other people because it discredits those of us who really are using our money to get out there and document the beauty in the world for others.

    • Leah Cole

      Haha, exactly! There is nothing fake about travel photography, it’s true what the camera see’s however it’s not real, one small photo cannot do justice. It can’t show smells, sounds, touch. No one can ever know with a photo! xxx

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