November this year, I have a one way flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

I will backpacking South East Asia for around 6 months. Visiting Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Loas and Singapore and hopefully helping organizations working with wildlife, children, communities and more!

I will travelling alogoprohero3plusne with my backpack and GoPro and I cannot wait!

Finally, I have myself a flight from Singapore into Australia within 12 months of landing in Thailand. I will then be going to Australia for a year to work.



From then, depending on finances and home life, I will be continuing my travels to New Zealand. Ideally after those couple of years, it would be perfect to get home for a month and then head to Canada to work finishing off with a crazy adventure through America!


I am nervous however overwhemled with the experiances I know I will experiance. The trips contain risk andΒ  I will have to keep myself safe and out of trouble but all being well it will as smoothly as it can be.

Anyone heading to these destinations, wanting to know more about my trip, have any recomendations or tips please message me onΒ

Look foward to keeping you all up to date with these blogs while i’m away and if your around, catching a beer with you somewhere!

Much love, Leah

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  1. Aid Loyd

    Sweet read! Keep it coming, looking foward to watch your travel journey! Your boy, Aid


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