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I have chosen my top 5 responses!
Have a look at who these guys are, what they have been doing and why they love to travel!
Some inspirational stories and photos right here 
Berlin Wall
Since I was young I have always been in love with travelling. This is thanks to my parents. My amazing, slightly hippy-ish parents decided to take me and my siblings out of school for a year for an incredible trip to places all around the world. From a trip I have developed a fascination with different cultures and religions, such as the Aborigines of Australia, the Maoris of New Zealand and Islamic/Buddhist in South East Asia. My enjoyment from learning and understanding other cultures has resuluted in me studying Middle Eastern studies at the University Of Manchester. I would love to continue travelling for my entire life and the next place on the agenda is India.  -Yardena Port
Jouvert in Trinidad & Tabago Taken 6am after a night of Soca Music, Paint and Mud parties!
Since a young age, travelling has been apart of my life, I have lived in multiple different countries and met lots of amazing people, I have traveled to some amazing places from the Caribbean to the middle east, I lived, worked and went to school in Trinidad and Tobago which really made me fall in love with the Twin Islands… I surfed everyday, I met some incredible people and its my number one place Unfortunately the crime level has risen and it isn’t save anymore.The second greatest place I have been Is Pakistan, its incredible The country is so beautiful, and the people are brilliant, its not a holiday destination but we travelled when we were there, People think that travelling is going on Holiday but its not travelling is the six hour coach journey’s making friends for a life time and ending up at some incredible destination away from all the tourists and you just see the world for what it is… I suppose that’s my own mini-Definition of what travelling is to me.  -Finley Howard
Sitting right on the edge of the Grand Canyon!
I never really had a desire to travel, I was lucky to visit many places like Vietnam, Singapore and Cape Verde on family holidays. But it wasn’t until January last year when I spontaneously applied to work at a summer camp in America for three months. I’d never been away from home long and setting of on the adventure was so surreal. After camp I spent the next three weeks travelling the states. I managed to visit Niagara Falls, New York City, Washington D.C, Orlando, Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon and San Francisco! The travelling was unbelievable and it gave me the opportunity to see amazing things I never thought I would see. Let’s just say I’m going back to a different camp this year in Pennsylvania and plan to travel other states in America. Since this experience my desire is to travel the world, and it will happen!  -Georgina Greathead
I’m Jack, 22 originally from Stevenage but living in Leeds now. I first went traveling when I was 16 for 6 weeks in Thailand over summer with my brother and his mate. When I finished school I took a year out to go traveling and off I went to see the world. I then did 7months around Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai leaving in January and coming back August. We started doing 5weeks charity work on Srilanka which was incredible. After that was the usual route for a Gap Year. What did I love the most about traveling…….Traveling gives you a pure sense of freedom that nothing else can. I’m not someone who likes to plan too far ahead and traveling gives you the ability to turn up to a country with no real plan and just see it however you can. Traveling also takes you outside your comfort zone and makes you face a lot of things you wouldn’t usually deal with. You meet new people and have to form quick bonds before you move on again. It makes you value what you have and how small things are. Traveling can make you forget about everything going on and just enjoy what your doing at that time.
Next stop for me might be a year or so away while im trying to save, but as soon as I have saved it’s a one way ticket to South/Central/North America and once im out there ill see what happens and where I end up. -Jack Bennett
Hey I’m Jonathan, ever since I was a teenager I made the decision I didn’t want that 9-5 job I saw everyone do. I wanted to travel, and a job which supported me to do this. So since the age of 17 I’ve been making my own opportunities to achieve this, I now have a few businesses which I can control on my travels which is everything I ever wanted. Last year I walked the Camino de Santiago, just over 500 miles in 32 days. Now this year in March I’m off to Australia to travel around. My favourite thing about travelling is meeting new people from all different cultures and backgrounds, you don’t judge people, just take them as they are which is the thing I like the most.  -Johnathan Simpson.

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